Monday Musings

Reasons I am smiling today:

A creative article on cute hair styles that are bike helmet friendly. 

Amid all the negative news we are bombarded with, here are 21 pictures that will show you the good in people

A DIY wall shelf that would look quite lovely in my house

Finally my favorite musical will become a movie!  The trailer looks fantastic. 

The most beautiful gardens.  I can’t wait to visit them next week.

Regina Spektor, you always make me smile!  This song is the perfect song to get me through Monday.


About tulipsandcoffee

A lover of history, I enjoy exploring the Barbary Coast in search of fashion, food and Jack Kerouac’s old haunts.
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One Response to Monday Musings

  1. s.h. says:

    this post just left a huge smile on my face!

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