Smokin’ Hot

For Christmas my parents gave me DVD copies of many of Marilyn Monroe’s movies.  My VHS copies finally bit the dust after years of love.  I adore Monroe for her sense of humor and her fashion.  But in Some Like it Hot (1959) it’s Lemmon and Curtis who stole my heart! Set during Prohibition, Lemmon and Curtis are musicians who witness a mob hit.  Fleeing the state, they pose as women in an all-female band where they meet Monroe.



About tulipsandcoffee

A lover of history, I enjoy exploring the Barbary Coast in search of fashion, food and Jack Kerouac’s old haunts.
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One Response to Smokin’ Hot

  1. Marissa says:

    I was already thinking about watching Some Like Hot this weekend for the umpteenth time. I’ll take this post as a sign to proceed!

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