The Big Sleep

Back after a long hiatus from the blogging world. But actually a big sleep from the world of fashion in general. My closest had gotten so large, even Carrie Bradshaw would be proud. But do you ever have those mental shifts where once all of your material belongings had been a source of joy, then suddenly become an overwhelming burden? Even Carrie Bradshaw hit a wall when trying to buy back her apartment from Aidan and she realized all the money she spent on shoes could have been the down payment on her place. Her response, “I will literally be the old woman who lived in her shoes,” was not too far from my mind.

It was time to clean, limit the amount of clothes/shoes I purchased and simplify.  My goal: to use what I own to create as many outfits as I can, to reinvent clothes that have been in my wardrobe for some time (I have clothes from 8-10 years ago), and have everything I buy be both something I don’t have and something that can go with everything, rather than impulse buys. Referred to this for inspiration: Lucky How to Organize Your Closet and Real Simple 31 Ways to Make Over Your Closets

Here is my closet post clutter:


It’s still a work in progress.  I found a really nice free coat rack on the side of the road (love SF for this reason!) and have put this in the hallways to compensate for the fact that I don’t have an actual coat closet.  And everything I have gotten rid of has been sold at my garage sale or donated to Goodwill or gifted to my friends.




About tulipsandcoffee

A lover of history, I enjoy exploring the Barbary Coast in search of fashion, food and Jack Kerouac’s old haunts.
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One Response to The Big Sleep

  1. Nice work! I need to clean out my closet this weekend. I’m inspired!

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