Living Alone

I was reading a blog the other day where the author asked her readers if they have ever lived alone.    I was surprised by how many people responded that they had never lived alone.  And as I spoke with friends and colleagues they told me that first they lived with their family as a child, had roommates in college, then housemates in their 20s followed by meeting their partner and moving in with them. Do you live alone? Have you ever?

I have lived alone for almost 4 years now and it has been the most rewarding, and liberating, experience!  Granted living alone has its challenges.  Rent is higher than if I had roommates, and as a result I have to reduce my intake of certain luxuries that my friends with roommates have (such as nice dinners or weekend getaways). And sometimes when I have a hard day at work, or am feeling lonely, I miss coming home to someone.  But I have my own place that I can decorate how I see fit, and I can do whatever I want when I am home.  But most importantly, I’ve gotten to know myself so much more because there are many a night when my only company is myself.  At some point I would love to move in with a partner and relearn to share my space.  But until then, I am loving living alone!  And yes, I don’t always close the bathroom door!




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A lover of history, I enjoy exploring the Barbary Coast in search of fashion, food and Jack Kerouac’s old haunts.
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  1. bob villegas says:

    thanks for that funny clip 🙂

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