Happy New Year

The winter holidays seemed to speed by.  As usual San Francisco knew how to decorate for the festivities!







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I Left My Wallet in San Francisco

I will never forget the reactions I got when I was vintage shopping in Auckland, New Zealand.  As soon as I mentioned that I lived in San Francisco, vintage shop owners were thrilled with expressions like ‘Oh you live in the mecca for vintage’ and  ‘I love San Francisco, I go there as often as I can to pick up pieces for my store.’

And it’s true, San Francisco is a vintage lovers dream come true.  After four years of living here, I have developed some favorites, conveniently all located on Haight-Ashbury.  So if you are wanting to leave your heart (and all your money) in San Francisco, here is where I recommend.

Decades of Fashion:


It’s like dying and going to vintage heaven!  There is so much here, it is easy to get overwhelmed.  But pace yourself and you are sure to be rewarded!

Relic Vintage:


The shop owner Oran is amazing!  He will help size you and pick out more incredible outfits while you are playing dress up.



I go here just for the shoes.  Since I gravitate towards clothes from the 30s through the 50s, Wastelands doesn’t have too much to offer me, but the shoe collection is enough to make any woman swoon.

Bettie Page:

Yes, I know it’s not vintage, but these 50s inspired outfits are incredible.  And you know those days when you are looking for a certain outfit and can’t find your size at any vintage store…..well it’s nice to go somewhere where you have the option of s-xl. I got this cute little summer dress last time I went in.  Now I just have to wait out this rainy winter until I can wear it!


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The other night I watched W./E. for the first time.  Co-written and directed by Madonna, W./E. intertwines two stories, one of the love affair of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII and the other of a modern woman’s fascination with this affair.  I found it to be mesmerizing, as it did not take the Hollywood approach to glamorize their love affair but also depicted how the couple was ostracized by the press and England.  Even if you have no interest in the plot, watch this movie to have outfits to lust over!


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The Bees Knees

I’m loving the 1920s themed photoshoot for Australia’s Next Top Model 2011

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Dear Creatures Autumn 2012

Dear Creatures does it again!  Their beautiful  Autumn 2012 collection is providing me with SF fall/winter inspiration.

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Baby, I was Born to Dance

November is here!  Which means it is time for me to plan which month-long dance class I would like to take.  Here are some videos to inspire me!

And a wonderful instructional video from the 1944!

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Rediscovering Fishermans Wharf

For us SF locals Fishermans Wharf can be a tender topic.  Whether it be the butt of all our jokes, or that persistent pimple on the face of our beautiful city, or simply a place we visit only when coerced by out-of-town relatives, there is one thing for certain – this area is left solely for the tourists. Crowded with tacky souvenir shops, subpar restaurants and a plethora of aggressive seagulls, it’s no wonder us locals turn a cold shoulder to the area.

But lately I have been attempting to find the charm in Fishermans Wharf, and indeed there are some amazing gems, you just have to venture off the main road. Let me take you on my tour of Fishermans Wharf.

Start at Fort Mason.  Technically this is not Fishermans Wharf, but it’s a wonderful start to the walk as you see a beautiful park with the city skyline as a backdrop.

Plus the view isn’t too shabby!

From Fort Mason venture down to Aquatic Park.  Again we are not really at Fishermans Wharf yet, but this area is so picturesque and Ghirardelli Square is near by for chocolate lovers.  Make sure to go to Hyde Street Pier to tour the historic ships.

Walk along Jefferson Street, the main drag of Fishermans Wharf – see how there are more and more gift shops and tourists…that means we are in the heart of it now!
After you see all the boats offering cruises around the bay, veer off the beaten path and head towards the docks.  Near the end is the Fishermen’s and Seamen’s Memorial Chapel, a tribute to all those who live and work at sea.

Past the church, swing right and you end up at the Musee Mecanique, full of all sorts of vintage arcade games.

This is a fun place to take a date, as they have many kissing meters (see how hot and steamy your kiss is!) as well as ‘risque’ peep shows.

Getting hungry?  Stop at the crab stands for some greasy goodness that is sure to give you a stomach ache (but is so good at the time)!

If you still feel like walking, continue down to Pier 39 to ride the two story carousel and make sure to visit Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze.

Source for above picture.  All other pictures my own.

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